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Our Clients


This is a private matter. We are in a unique position and revealing our client names would violate our rules and ethics, and is in direct opposition to our philosophy.  However, our client retention rate is significant - we believe it to be over 90% - unheard of in our industry.  When you take care of your clients, they take care of you.  Many have become good friends. We can only provide you with quotes and first names, with one exception.

“I have the highest regard for the professionalism of Gail and all of the staff at Payroll and Bookkeeping. I have been associated with them for three years, and in that time, they have always been punctual and professional with all payroll, bookkeeping, and other services. I feel that they make processes run extremely efficiently because they have truly partnered with businesses in order to keep us on track all the time. The personal and courteous service, the prompt answers to any and all questions, careful attention to detail, up-to-the-minute knowledge of current tax laws, and wonderful advice have all been factors which have contributed to the continued success. I highly recommend Payroll and Bookkeeping. - Angel Whitehead, President/CEO - Centergy, Inc. - Friend and client - 5 years.

"We have come to count on Eric and Gail for good, sound business and personal advice regarding accounting matters, always handled with the utmost discretion and respect" - Kathy and Ron, Retail Store Owners - Friend and Client - 25 years.

"What has always been especially beneficial to us is that Eric has not been just our accountanting firm, but also our controller, CFO and CEO" - Mike, Construction Company - Friend and Client- 30 years.

"We have had the pleasure of doing business with Eric and Gail for over 25 years.  We have personally known the Hjortness family for over 30 years.  They are diligent, ethical, and extremely detail oriented.  Eric has also served us in a consulting role on various business opportunities that we have encountered.  We would highly recommend their accounting and payroll services" - Doug and Renae, Marketing Services Company - Dear Friends and Clients, 30 years.

"Thank you!  Don’t know what I would do without you guys!" - Tammy, Distribution Company - Friend and Client - 5 years.

"Eric, this is super impressive. Have you always done a newsletter like this? It is awesome.
I can see why you are so successful." = Brad, Home Services Company - Friend - 40 years.


"Thank you for all of the updates and information that you are providing to your clients.  It is amazing and fabulous the way you are handling this entire situation.  Speaks volumes of who you are at Hjortness CPA!" - Oscar, Divorce Client - Friend and Client - 10 years. 

"Thank you for responding so quickly.  I really appreciate how great of a job you guys do at your firm.  I am so thankful to you guys and how much you continue to do for me and my company." -  Ryan, Construction Company - Friend and Client - 5 years.

You are amazing! If I could email you a Hug I would!  Thanks my man!!!

PS- I’m not a hugger so that should make you feel special!!- Andy, Insurance Agent - Friend and Client - 10 years.


"Eric,  I am absolutely speechless.  I can't thank you enough and I know Josh will listen and learn.  Thank you again for doing this, it means a lot!" - Paul Delange, Friend and Client - 10 years.

"You have a very profitable business model right now… I think the decision revolves around:  1) you and Gail wanting to be in Rapids and how does that all work .. 2) the balance between ending your career inside a firm vs simply milking the cash out of your profitable business for as many years as you wish given you intend to work until you are 80 anyway.  Its that simple really.  Great options for you and Gail personally ..You two have already ran your race and succeeded professionally." - Morgan, Partner at large CPA firm - Friend and Advisor - 8 years.

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